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Staging is a vital part of the marketing strategy, increasing the value of listed property and significantly speeding up the selling process.

One of the most important factors in showing your home will be the first impression. Potential buyers/renters coming through an Open House often make up their mind in the first 30 seconds after entering the room. In most cases they expect a move-in condition. Very few will appreciate the value of a lifetime collection of porcelain dolls or share your sentiment for art school projects covering the entire wall in the kitchen.

 Clutter, randomly placed, disproportional furniture, outdated fixtures, chipped tiles, or an abundance of knick-knacks will act as a deterrent, giving a buyer undesirable leverage in negotiating price reduction, or might even be a deal breaker. Your home has to be distinctive from other properties on the market to attract the broadest range of prospective buyers.

Our Interior Design team will emphasize the true potential of your home by clearly defining the space, enhancing the functionality of a room, and steering attention towards its strong selling points. Strategically placed furniture and eye catching home accents will create an inviting atmosphere and minimize minor structural flaws.

A pleasant ambiance will enable buyers to visualize living in your home and make a smooth transition from showing to sale.

A small investment in professional interior makeover will be fractional in comparison with the losses you might accrue by carrying operational costs for months (mortgage, taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc.), or being forced to a significant price reduction of your stale listing.

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