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Interior Redesign Package:

  • Consultation regarding color scheme, designing style, materials, client's must-haves,

  • Taking measurements and pictures of existing layout,

  • Preparing 3D designing drawings: new floor plans, kitchen cabinets layout, tile design, furniture placement, etc.,

  • Ensuing revisions,

  • Obtaining and presenting samples or images of finishing materials (backsplash, tiles, countertops, floor, hardware, etc.),

  • Calculating quantity of materials,

  • Selecting, purchasing and delivering the required materials,

  • Organizing and coordinating the contractor's schedule and work supervision,

  • Managing the renovation. Contact us for a quote.

                                 Stress Free Renovations

Whether you've just purchased a fixer-upper, or have lived in your house for a long time, and your kitchen and bathrooms have seen better days, or if you need a pre-sale upgrade - a renovation is your next step.

Many people choose to do their home upgrade by themselves hoping for great savings. Unless you are an experienced tradesman with designing skills and have plenty of free time, it is not a good idea. Most of these home projects take forever to complete, unnecessary expenses are very common and, in most cases, expected results do not materialize. Poor planning, an unrealistic budget that doesn't include all the trades needed to complete the project, and a lack of ability to visualize the final results beforehand, will undoubtedly bring stress and havoc to your life. At the end, you might end up with an overpaid, unattractive and cheap-looking interior.

Do not voluntarily set yourself up for disappointment. Call us instead. To eliminate your stress we will oversee on your behalf every aspect of interior makeover, from da esigning concept to the final stage:

  • Consultation regarding color scheme, designing style, materials, etc.,
  • Setting up a budget and timeline,
  • Design drawings: floor plans, kitchen cabinets, tile layout, etc.,
  • Technical drawings for strata approval/municipal permit,
  • Selecting, purchasing and delivering required materials,
  • Managing all phases of renovation (demolition, construction, painting, finishing touches, disposal of debris, post renovation clean-up, etc.),
  • Organizing and coordinating contractors' schedule and work supervision.

A desirable "wow" effect doesn't have to break the bank.

Our designer discount in many local stores (tiles, wall paint, flooring, appliances etc.) enables us to buy high end products at an affordable price.

Contact us for more information.


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