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About us



    Ela Szpotowicz
, principal, project manager and owner of
Eldi Estate Liquidation Services.

    In the late 1980s, after graduating from the School of Architecture and
    Construction in Warsaw, Poland, I arrived in Vancouver to start a new life
    on the beautiful West Coast. For the next 15 years I had
worked for various
    architectural and engineering companies on Lower
Mainland as a senior
    engineering technologist and later, as a full time
graphic designer producing
    a wide variety of marketing materials.

At the beginning of the Millennium I purchased my first "fixer-upper" in West Vancouver and began a renovation shortly after moving in. I had very clear vision to the smallest detail on how the new interior should look, but juggling a full time job, family life and demolishing the walls at the same time, turned out to be very challenging and life-altering experience. Even on a limited budget I was able to achieve a dramatic transformation, and the ensuing sale was quick and profitable. I got the bug for interior makeovers, and buying-revamping-selling real estate has become a life style rather than a job.
Working closely with the tradesmen on all of my projects, I've learned their "tricks of the trade" and acquired many of their skills for myself. Having a working knowledge of all phases of renovation sure comes handy when hiring a contractor!

My solid architectural background and genuine passion for interior design is behind my ability to envision final results beforehand. From being in charge of all aspects of interior makeover, I’ve polished the skills of on-the-spot decision making - from quick redesign and solving technical problems on site, to coordinating the work of sub-contractors and prioritizing tasks in order to keep it within budget and on a scheduled timeline.

After having completed many successful "fix and flip" projects on my own, I started working on renovation projects of other people. First clients came through my Open House, appreciated my attention to details and hired me to redesign and stage their homes.

Many of my clients were seniors in a life-altering transition to an assisted living facility, or downsizing, or liquidating and selling their family estate after passing of loved-ones. Dealing with all aspects of such transition which would include contacting several different servicemen from various sources, tended to be very stressful, intimidating and overwhelming experience for them. Having moved and downsized multiple times myself, I started sharing my personal experiences with my clients and provided practical assistance with dispersing their household assets. Very often I’d just provide a shoulder to cry or sympathetic ear to stressed-out senior, when nobody else would...

Developing a business concept of providing a 1-stop assistance that would consolidate all services thus eliminate the need of an individual for sourcing out multiple organizations, was a logical next step. Eldi Estate Liquidation Services, a division of Eldi Enterprises Ltd. was launched, and the rest is history...

We cater to individual needs of our clients, as each our client is unique and special. They all are treated with the great respect and attention they deserve… Let’s face it: we’ll all be in their shoes one day! We give them the best quality service, equal to what we want to receive in the future…

On more personal note: I adore art in any form and people from all walks of life who dare to think outside the box. Traveling extensively through Europe, North America and Africa, I have obtained a great appreciation for architectural and cultural diversity. I absolutely love exploring the streets of European "Old Towns", or the remote oasis on the Sahara desert where the historical buildings and hundreds years of tradition blend nicely with the XXI century.

Welcome to my website! Please feel free to contact me at any time. I'll be happy to assist you with all aspects of your life-altering transition, help you with the new chapter of your life, or perhaps, just talk Paris...

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